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Infant Child Dev Critique 1

Infant Child Dev Critique 1 - simply in Boston 1 List 3...

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Nakul Shah Infant & Child Development February 2, 2011 The following article studies the effects of maternal alcohol and marijuana use on infants at the Boston City Hospital. The detrimental effects of maternal marijuana use were very similar to those of maternal alcohol consumption. If I was to conduct this experiment I would have changed the location in which the subjects were studied. Extensive research has gone into the subjects primarily from Boston, Massachusetts, but no other location. By studying another city, possibly in an entirely different area of the nation, researchers would have a better idea of the problem of maternal marijuana and alcohol use on a larger scale, rather than
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Unformatted text preview: simply in Boston. 1. List 3 results of maternal alcohol consumption on the infant. Infants born to mothers who consume alcohol tend to have lower birth weight, higher occurrences of spontaneous abortions and miscarriages, and an increased risk that the infant will have morphological and neurologic abnormalities. 2. What 3 factors are important in predicting infant size at delivery? Gestational age, birth length, and in-head circumference are the 3 leading factors important in predicting infant size at delivery....
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