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Nature Final Paper - Nakul Shah Nature of Politics Final...

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Nakul Shah Nature of Politics Final Paper December 12, 2010 Twenty-first century Americans are living in a time characterized by changing need, fears and desires. If we judge the political, social, and economic systems of our nation based on whether they are helping us attain our version of “the good life,” it would be difficult for very many to agree that they are pleased with the current model. The problem arises in catering to the varying needs and desires of Americans in all corners of the nation and of all walks of life. Through an understanding of political theory and creating a blend of ideals from history’s greatest thinkers, every American citizen can enjoy his or her own “good life.” We must first understand what the needs of Americans are in today’s world. Although many people’s perceived beliefs on what they want out of government do not necessarily reflect what they actually desire, it is safe to say that Americans today seek security in a society surrounded by fear. We do not have security in the stability of our economy, in our jobs, or in ensuring our moral obligations toward those less fortunate. Above all else, Americans are seeking security and equality; and our political, social, and economic institutions must cater to that. In order to attain Aristotle’s “good life,” we must first observe our system of justice. Is there justice in the fact that millions of Americans are living in poverty? Is there justice in the fact that opportunity is not available to all, and may be hindered on the basis of race
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or economic background? John Rawls’ theory of justice is aligned with the direction the United States seeks to be headed. Throughout the nation’s history, there has always been a group that has not been entitled to the same opportunities or treatment as the rest. Whether they are African American, Japanese, Irish, or homosexual, there has never been a level playing field for all citizens. Rawls states that “justice denies that the loss of freedom for some is made right by a greater good shared by others.” Justice and equality must be an entitlement to all, which can be attained by understanding the veil of ignorance. It disgusts people today to believe that many white Southerners once favored segregation or slavery. This would not be the case if the veil of ignorance was understood. Under the veil of ignorance, you do not know what role you may play in society, so it may
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Nature Final Paper - Nakul Shah Nature of Politics Final...

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