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Nature Midterm Essay - Nakul Shah Nature of Politics...

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Nakul Shah Nature of Politics Midterm October 23, 2010 Political theorists throughout history have formed their opinions on the ideal governmental system and how public affairs should be organized by observing human behavior and our interactions amongst each other. The teachings of Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes, and Sigmund Freud have their roots in human nature observations, and how society ought to be organized based on people’s tendencies of behavior toward each other, our own innermost passions and desires, as well as how we can bring all of these concepts together to ensure safety of citizens as well as prosperity and a common good. Aristotle existed as one of the first political theorists, relying on his observations of human behavior to develop his theory on how political institutions should be organized. Through his initial observations of the people and places around him, Aristotle believed that all political associations, from the family to the city, are established to fulfill the basic human desire of attaining “the good life.” He believed that all individuals orient their behavior toward attaining what they consider as good by joining inclusive political associations. According to Aristotle, “man is by nature a political animal.” We are naturally compelled to form political associations because we feel that it is the only means of attaining the good life, which according to Aristotle included rational principle ruling over irrational, as well as finding a mean in between two vices. He also firmly believed in a utilitarian system of society, in which we form friendships among each other. In Politics , Aristotle states, “The pursuit of a common social life is friendship.” These friendships were of utility, pleasure, and virtue. We can have a peaceful coexistence within society by working together, where working for the common good of man brings individual prosperity as well. Thomas Hobbes published his political theory in
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Nature Midterm Essay - Nakul Shah Nature of Politics...

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