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Brooke Miller Suspect Testimony

Brooke Miller Suspect Testimony - Where were you at the...

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Brooke Miller Suspect Testimony This is a guideline for what you should answer if you are asked the following questions. You can alter the answers slightly, just be sure to stick to the storyline. Your character has committed identity theft along with her sister Briana and robbed Brittany Miller of all of her money. After Brittany caught on to your plot she tracked you down at the soccer field. When approached, you panicked and took the only weapon in your hand, your soccer cleats, and killed Brittany Miller and ran away. Briana, along with the rest of the team , had already left the field. You are missing a flip flop because you left one at the scene. You’re the murderer so try to place the blame on Briana.
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Unformatted text preview: Where were you at the time of Brittany Miller’s murder? You were walking home with Briana after soccer practice. Why were your cleats found at the scene of the crime? They were not your cleats. What do you know about Brittany Miller’s identity theft? You knew it has occurred because she is your sister, but you do not know any details. Why were your prints found on a credit card at the scene? You may have touched it at any time, you did not commit the identity theft. Why was your flip flop found at the scene? You haven’t worn them in years you don’t know how they got there. We found your hair at the scene You don’t know how it got there....
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