ceramics paper 97 - Shah 1 Nakul Shah Ceramics Mr Critelli...

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Shah 1 Nakul Shah Ceramics Mr. Critelli Iranian and Indian Ceramics A great deal concerning the history of a culture can be told through the ceramics. When it comes to the mechanics of clay-making done in Iran, firing in a kiln can be seen throughout the history of ceramics in the region. Pottery in Iran dates back to the Early Neolithic Age with the production of coarse, unglazed wares (California). Later wares were made from earthenware clays with a layer of white slip and engobe. They were covered by transparent lead glazes and colors were added with oxides. Iranian ceramics matured with time into more elaborate styles and techniques (Sabouri). The Middle Islamic Period is where Ceramics in Iran met its height, and where a range of wares were seen, beginning with white wares. White wares were very attractive at the time, and were produced in imitation of Chinese white Song porcelain. The fine thin white body was covered with clear glaze, with an occasional light greenish tinge (California). Many of the styles originating in Iran later spread throughout the Islamic world, such as monochrome glazed wares. These were used throughout Iran, and could be seen on drinking vessels of all types at the time. Stylistically these wares commonly included elaborate molds and varieties of intricateness.
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ceramics paper 97 - Shah 1 Nakul Shah Ceramics Mr Critelli...

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