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coil eval - of the proper thickness and size Were...

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Nakul Shah Coil Project Evaluation Techniques : The coil machine was used to make coils, which were scored and luted onto my piece. When  the coil machine stopped working hand-made coils were made. Once the coils were put on,  blending was used.   Preparation A flat, circular base had to first be made. Next, coils were made.  Challenges Originally, scoring and luting coils was not difficult, but challenge arose when the coil machine  ceased to work. When this happened, it was a challenge to create hand-made coils which were 
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Unformatted text preview: of the proper thickness and size. Were Objectives Met? No, all of the objectives were not met. With the inconvenience of the coil machine breaking, as well as the upcoming long break, I did not have enough time to make my piece the required 10 inches. I began by creating a large piece, which turned out to be harder to finish as the deadline approached....
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