Eagleton Final Exam Essay Part 2

Eagleton Final Exam Essay Part 2 - Tanya Shah Final Exam...

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Tanya Shah Final Exam Part 2 In “Politics as a Vocation,” Max Weber contends that politics inevitably involves force and power. In a sense, it is about how power should be used and how it is accumulated. Each of John Lewis, Barack Obama, and Coriolanus of Rome are practitioners of politics as a vocation, and as such are power seekers. Each of these politics derive their power from varying means and mechanisms, and this practice their politics in different ways. Due to the elusive nature of a definition of politics as a whole, there are many areas in which each of these people varies. However, there are also certain themes and ideas which are recurring which help to define the character of these men, as well as their ultimate goals and choices in relation to politics. In 1961, Lewis joined SNCC in the Freedom Rides. Riders traveled the South challenging segregation at interstate bus terminals. Lewis and others received death threats and were severely beaten by angry mobs. In 1963, when Chuck McDew stepped down as SNCC chairman, Lewis was quickly elected to take over. Lewis’ experience at that point was already widely respected--he had been arrested 24 times as a result of his activism. He held the post of chairman until 1966. Lewis is a prime example of one who lives for politics. He has an internalized cause, which he fights to protect. The issues he focused on include policies that advocated nonviolence, interracial democracy, Dr. King’s spotlight in the black movement, and diplomatic strategies with American presidents. Through his work and resolve, he is an example of a good politician. He embraces qualities of passion and deal, and also believes in a meaningful cause. Perhaps the area where he is lacking is evident in considering distance and proportion. s He often put his own life on the line, and did not create distance between himself and his politics.
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Eagleton Final Exam Essay Part 2 - Tanya Shah Final Exam...

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