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forensics exam review - 24. Drug Types: Controlled incl....

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Nakul Shah Forensics Midterm Review 1. Leon Lattes: 2. Theodore Roosevelt: 3. Marcelo Malpighi: 4. Calvin Goddard: 5. Mathieu Orfila: 6. Marijuana: Cannabis, Hallucinogen 7. Aspirin: 8. Tylenol: 9. Heroin: Narcotic 10. Cocaine: Stimulant 11. Forensic Engineering: 12. Forensic Pathology: 13. Ballistic Forensics: 14. Forensic Odontology: 15. Forensic Anthropology: 16. Loop, whorl, arch: (pg. 137)
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17. Alphonse Bertillion: 18. Types of Fingerprints: Patent (ink) Latent (oils) and Plastic (Clay) 19. Types of Fibers: (pg. 81) 20. Types of Evidence: Direct (firsthand observations) or Circumstantial (implies a fact but does not prove). Circumstantial can be physical or biological. Can be class evidence or individual evidence. Can be trace evidence, such as a hair, etc. (pg. 23) 21. Approaching a Crime Scene: 7 S’s (pg. 24-27) 22. Parts of Hair: (pg. 51) 23. Phases of Hair Growth: (pg. 54)
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Unformatted text preview: 24. Drug Types: Controlled incl. hallucinogens, narcotics, stimulants, steroids, depressants (pg. 254), organic toxins, bioterrorism agents 25. Scientific Names of Drugs: Ricin=Castor Beans, Bacillus Anthracis=Anthrax, Tetani=Tetanus 26. Blood Types: A,B,O (pg. 199) Can be positive or negative based on presence of Rh. 27. Antigens: Foreign substance or cell in body that reacts w/ antibodies. 28. Antibodies: Proteins secreted by white blood cells that attach to antigens. 29. Recording the Crime Scene: (pg. 26) 30. Albert S. Osborn: 31. Edmond Locard: 32. Poisoning: Causing harm or death by introducing someone to a naturally occurring or manufactured subtsnace through ingestion, inhalation, or absorption. 33. Work of a Forensic Scientist: a. 1986 b. 1987 c. 1887 d. 1901 e. 1932 34. Parts of Blood Splatter: (pg. 204)...
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forensics exam review - 24. Drug Types: Controlled incl....

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