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Emma’s Angels Forensics Project Setting : Lincoln Park West Soccer Feild Victim is found dead at the soccer fields at Lincoln Park West. Cause of death is concussion caused by being beaten to death with soccer cleats. The victim’s bank accounts were emptied out two days prior and all of her credit cards were maxed out. The victim checked the locations where her credit cards were being used and deduced that whoever stole her identity plays soccer, primarily at Lincoln Park West. When approached at Lincoln Park after a soccer game the suspect was identified by the victim and killed her. The evidence found at the scene includes a muddy footprint by the suspect, as well as hair fibers on the victim from the suspect during the struggle. The two sisters’ show patterns and sizes are identical, but one has curly hair and the other straight. A security camera has a very rough image of the suspect, but it cannot be determined whether it was Brooke of Briana. Both have suspicious alibies.
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Unformatted text preview: Brooke and Briana teamed up to steal Brittany’s savings, and are covering each other’s tracks. It was Brooke who murdered Brittany, and Briana was already on her way home from the soccer practice at the time of the incident. Brooke’s curly hair at the crime scene is the turning point. The main suspects are the victim’s twin sisters. An eyewitness comes forward (Allen Walton) and says he heard screams and witnessed the event while at the track at Lincoln Park. His testimony turns out to be false and he is just looking for attention. A second witness comes forward later, and was previously afraid to testify. She was at the park afterhours having an affair with the soccer coach. After he left she witnessed the entire event. Although she saw what happened, she saw someone who looks like either Brooke or Briana, they are twins....
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