how to write - FAST split for the first 600. hogan once...

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go out in 61-63 low unless you think you can go 64+65. i suggest fast first 400 because you have that xc strength to hang on for your dear life. Your best bet for sub 55 is 26+28. i did it senior yr outdoors time trial as 27+27. btw my 2:09.9 soph yr was 61 68. The most . .. See Moreimportant thing i can emphasize to you for both races is this. ..HAMMER the first 200 of the 400 and HIT a
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Unformatted text preview: FAST split for the first 600. hogan once said "a true 800m runner goes out fast the first 400, hammers the 3rd 200, and the last 200 is all guts". You need to work on your arm pump (from the shoulders and elbows) for the final lap of both races since legs are usually done by that point. knees up arms pumping, deep breath. . just go....
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