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mask eval 2003 - human face Creating a realistic face and...

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Nakul Shah Mask Project Evaluation Techniques:  A large piece of clay had to be taken and flattened on a slab roller. Newspapers had to be  balled into the shape of a head, and the clay was put around the newspapers. The mask was  then put on cardboard and molded into a face. After working on the clay it had to be sprayed  with water to preserve. Preparation:  Research had to initially be done on the history of masks. Images had to be found as a  template, and sketches of our own designs had to be done before starting.  Challenges:  This was the first assignment that required elaborate sculpting, and the mask had to resemble a 
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Unformatted text preview: human face. Creating a realistic face and features was a challenge, and required me to refer to a picture. Were Objectives Met? Yes, the objectives were met. Unfortunately due to time restraints and the rapid hardening of the clay not all of the design possibilities I had planned were accomplished, but the basic mask was done. Would You Do Anything Differently? I would have done more research and had a better idea of what I wanted to do before I got to class. If I had a definite plan the mask would have been done faster and more of my objectives would have been met....
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