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Nakul Shah Teapot Evaluation Techniques: I started by creating a circular base. I rolled out clay on the slab roller and used a pin tool to cut out a shape. I used coils to build the teapot. I then used a slab roller to create the top, and I attached the phalange with a score and lute method, as well as attaching the handle with this method. Preparation: I researched different types of teapots. I also had experience with coils, which helped me create the teapot with coils. Challenges: My major challenges came with human error and carefulness. For example, after my lid was finished and
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Unformatted text preview: fired, I dropped it and it shattered. That was purely human error and I need to learn to be more careful. Were Objectives Met? Yes, the objectives were met. Although my teapot was not out of the ordinary, it was created and is fully functional. Would You Do Anything Differently? I would have created a more creative piece, rather than simply a normal teapot. I would have liked to create something more out of the ordinary. I think I was capable of doing so....
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