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OTC drugs - A positive test is needed for each of the...

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Nakul Shah Forensics – Block 1 1/20/10 Testing Over the Counter Drugs Grounded White Powder Distilled Water Universal Indicator HCl Ferric Nitrate Aspirin Clumpy No Reaction Red & Orange 2 – 3 pH No Reaction Purple Brown Alka Seltzer Fine Fizzed, Produced Bubbles Red 1 – 2 pH Fizzed Quickly Bubbled Yellow Green Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Fine & Smooth No Reaction Rose/Yellow Green 5 – 7 pH Thickened Dissolved Black Unknown #3 Clumpy Dissolved Red – Orange 2 – 3 pH Thickened Yellow Why is there a need for a positive test for each of the substances?
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Unformatted text preview: A positive test is needed for each of the substances to compare the results of the unknown in order to match it with one of the substances. What is a false positive? A false positive gives you the same reaction but it is not the same substance. Different substances can have similar reactions and therefore, the results can be misleading. Heavy Metal Test Potassium Chromate Lead Highlighter Yellow Mercury Yellow – Orange Unknown Highlighter Yellow...
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