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Schedules - Vraj Vora Yogi Patel MONDAY 9:50am 11:10 Soc of...

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MONDAY Vraj Vora 9:50am - 11:10, Soc of Med&Health Care, SC-123 College Ave 12pm-1:20pm, Expos, LSH-A137 Livingston 1:55pm-2:50pm, Gen Chem, BE-Aud Livingston 3:55pm-5:15pm Calc II for Bio Sciences, RAB-001 Cook/Douglas Yogi Patel 8:55AM - 9:50 AM Pharmacy Convocations PH-111 Busch 12:35PM - 1:55PM General Chemistry FS-AUD Cook/Douglas 4:30PM - 5:50PM Theater Appreciation SC-123 College Ave 7:40PM - 9:00PM Develop of US I VD-211 College Ave Nakul Shah 9:50 - 11:10, Comparative Politics, VH-105 College Ave 1:10 - 2:30, American Presidency, VD- 211 College Ave 3:55- 5:15, Intro Plan Pol Hlth, HSB- 204 Douglass  6:40 - 8:00, Infant & Child Dev, LSH-AUD Akash Dalsania 8:00am-9:30am, Wrtg For Bus&Profess, MU-115 12:00pm-1:20pm, Intro Stat For Bus, EN-120 Dipit Patel 1:10pm-2:30pm Religions Eastern World Hardenberg B5 5:35pm-6:55pm Psych of Blk Exp Bio 205 Aakash Shah 10:20am-11:40 Intro to Computers EN-DSV125 6:10pm-7:30pm Calculus CA-A5 7:40pm-9:00pm Calculus FH-B5 Vishesh Shah 4:30-5:50pm Theater Appreciation SC-123
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Suraj Shah 9:50AM-11:10AM Soc of Med and Hlth Care SC-123 11:30AM-12:50PM Intro to Microeconomics SC-123 1:55PM-2:50PM Honors Gen Chem WL-AUD 3:35PM-4:30PM General Physics ARC-206 6:55PM-7:50PM General Physics PHY-LH  Akshay Patel 8:40-10am Eco princ & probs LSH-AUD 10:20am-1:20pm intro experimentation be-050 Vishal Patel 8:40-10am Eco princ & probs LSH-AUD 12:15-1:10PM Engineering Mech 5-6:20PM Calc II Math/Phys Darshan Patel RU Info 8:20-12:00 Davidson Hall N.P 1:10-2:30 Scott Hall Int Econ 5:35-6:55 Hickman Hall Rangan Parthasarathy 8:40am - 10am, Business Writing Essentials, Arc 326 1:40pm-3pm Calc 2, Serc 210
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