Workout Plan - Tricep Kickbacks, come to attention, then 1...

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4 days per week, every other day suggested 90 seconds of rest in btwn sets Creatine with water, take in morning of days not working out, or post workout Whey as soon as you wake up and again post workout take with fruits, milk in morning, water at gym Bike first to warm up except for shoulder or chest day back day, and biceps (Thursday) Deadlift, weight is in front of you, lift it (ask for assistance) Pull-ups (hands away) 4 sets of whatever is comfortable of 8 Rowing with barbell, put barbell in front of you and put arms like pull ups and bring bar to your chest and straighten you arms = rep, aqueeze shoulder blades together Barbell curls 3 sets of 12 Dumbbell Curls middle finger on your side, pinky to reach outside of shoulder to flex your bicep 3 sets of 10 Hammer curls start but go straight up 2 sets of 25 chest and triceps (Wednesday) Always bench with a spotter 4 of 12 Dips 3 sets to failure Fly Machine Close Grip bench press 3 of 15 Lie on a bench with a dumbbell and do skull crushers, full extensions of weight to forehead 3 sets of 12
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Unformatted text preview: Tricep Kickbacks, come to attention, then 1 step forward with one leg, bend knee, arm at 90 degree angle with dumbbell in it and straighten it shoulder and Traps btwn neck and shoulder (Saturday) Military Press seated or standing, weight starts under your chin and press above your head, wider your hands more it targets your shoulder 4 sets of 15 Dumbbell lateral raises 3 sets of 10 to 12 Front raises where you go forward 3 of 10 to 12 Bend-over raises, bend over and bring arm parallel to your back Grab heavy weights (50s), hold to your sides and shrug 4 sets of 15 to 20, first shrug up and down then forward and backward leg day (monday) heaviest lift first, squat 4 sets of 15, start with warm up set then 3 working sets Leg press 3 sets of 15 Leg Extensions 3 sets of 12 per leg Leg curls 3 of 12 per leg Calf raises up to failure Abs every other day...
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Workout Plan - Tricep Kickbacks, come to attention, then 1...

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