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Notes for final - Dec 2 1759 Baroque ends Rococo and...

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Dec. 2 1759: Baroque ends Rococo and Neoclassicism Rococo: frills! Way too crazy frilly Neoclassical: straight up/down, harmony with simplicity *the two styles compete on all fronts 1776: Klinger writes Sturm und Drang; “Storm and Stress” -the title was perfect for the end of the century -just about every century has something wrong with it called the “mal du siècle” -usually in the last decade or two -18 th century also has its problems -people are sick of the Enlightenment; it’s just been too much -feelings > logic -passion > reason -ZEITGEIST -ennui: boredom, weariness, dissatisfaction; deep sense of purposeless -anomie: instability of society; society in turmoil -1793 King Louis XVI is beheaded -END OF ancien regime: the former regime, MONARCHY Goethe ~ the embodiment of Sturm und Drang 1774: wrote Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers; “the Sorrows of young Werther” ~strongly feels ennui and anomie, goes to doctor; doctor says to rejuvenate in nature; Werther explores nature, finds small village in a valley and stays for several weeks; he meets a farmer (about his age), Werther meets the whole family and is taken in by the family; proposes to the wife, she rejects him; commits suicide and leaves a note. This story inspires tons of men over the next years to follow the same pattern of life. His poetry is excellent as well. Faust, dramatic poem/closet drama ~Faust sets out on a quest to find happiness without knowing where to look; the devil comes through the door as a black poodle, then transforms into his real form as the devil, his name is Mephistopheles; the devil moves around by use of a cape; Faust laments that he knows everything but the knowledge does him no good. The
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Notes for final - Dec 2 1759 Baroque ends Rococo and...

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