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Animal testing - that knowledge It doesn’t give us the...

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Yogi Patel 11/14/10 Essay 5 David Stanton Nature of the Universe The nature of the universe is designed in a way that there are living creatures and there are inanimate objects. Life and emotions is what separates the two entities from each other and makes the between the two. Life thrives everywhere because it contains material called DNA that makes us different from the non-living beings. Everything was made for a reason and designed for a certain reason. This does not make human superior to others because we are more intelligent; it forces us to be more responsible to our surroundings because we have
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Unformatted text preview: that knowledge. It doesn’t give us the right to genetically modify creatures because we are more intelligent because it was all created for a reason and shouldn’t be meddled with according to Kingsolver. Equally, Pollan stands up for animal rights and they don’t deserve suffering or to be meddled with because they are equals in the sense that we are all living creatures. There is a thin line between humans and animals in the idea that we are more intelligent than them, this guys us the responsibility to look over them; although if we are to eat them they should be treated with respect....
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