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Yogi Patel Basic Composition 9/11/2010 David Brooks Pursuit of Happiness The America we live in is crowded with superficial people that have the need to want everything they see. We live in a world where it is ever changing and where every city has a melting pot called the suburbs. The suburbs provide many opportunities and the people are ever chasing their desires lead by their imagination. Brooks describes that they are all under the “Paradise Spell” and chase after the infamous American dream, while in the process if chasing their dreams they lose sight of what they have in front of them. Americans are so engrossed in their goals and imaginations that they all believe they are living in a fantasy world. The overall belief of American culture relates to the fact that everyone runs after the American dream, which is suddenly engraved in the American culture. The mindset of Americans is situated in such a way that they are all in search of happiness by pursuing their goals, trying to live the American dream through fantasy to the point that they forget everything around them. The suburbs are designed to facilitate the networking opportunities making it easier for those who have the same goals to come together in one area. This allows everyone that is in pursuit of similar goals to come together and work towards it together, making not just one concrete American dream but countless that branches from one single idea. There is no single American dream because different the people have different desires, and where one person sees failure, another would see it as complete success. It’s all about the imagination and the people perceive their goals and how they come about accomplishing or not, that is their form of the
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American dream. “It starts with imagination-the ability to fantasize about what some imminent
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David Brooks (2) - Yogi Patel Basic Composition 9/11/2010...

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