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Yogi Patel Jared Weigely 2/1/2011 Brian Caplan The Power of Voting in the Free Market The voting power of the citizens is a very powerful responsibility that is often overlooked by the citizens. Caplan feels that this is the very thing that is often overlooked especially in the world of democracy. He has very specific views and believes that the free market is often the answer to all the problems that are in society. Caplan says that the market is a very vital aspect to society and the voting power is a major responsibility to the public. Caplan is trying to say in his essay that the power of voting should only be concentrated to the learned and the scholarly that know the market very well. He believes that voter irrationality, and the neglect that the voters have towards the political systems is what makes the democracy fail. Caplan is an economist that believes in the free market even though it can fail sometimes because he believes that it is better than democracy itself. Overall his belief is that bad voting can affect the masses, although the believers of democracy offer an alternative to this defect, which is more democracy. Caplan says that voting is a powerful responsibility that is often times abused by the public because they neglect their power and refuse to acknowledge current events. He expresses his frustration in democratic voting by saying “A test of voter competence is no more objectionable than a driving test. Both bad driving and bad voting are dangerous not merely to the individual who practices them, but to innocent bystanders” (110). Caplan believes that people should be eligible to vote as long as they are able to pass a test and know what they are voting
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for. He believes that only the people that are educated in voting should vote because if they do
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Democracy - Yogi Patel Jared Weigely Brian Caplan The Power...

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