Free market - zxsdYogi Patel 1/25/10 Market Fundamentalism...

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zxsdYogi Patel 1/25/10 Market Fundamentalism “As Bad As It Gets” Caplan strongly believes in democratic pessimism on the notion of 3 main principals; which are irrational cognition, selfless motivation, and modest slack. He believes that this is “as bad as it gets” in the sense that the voters are so ignorant of what they are voting for that they have the potential to harm just as much as do benefit to the entire community. Caplan is saying that with irrational cognition, they fail to see ideas presented as a whole and often times misjudge them. He says that this is how democracy fails to work in this situation. He says selfless motivation in a sense that voters are unselfish and the voters tend to vote in the favor of the majority. Above all Caplan goes to say that politicians usually comply with public opinions by saying they have modest slack. Caplan argues a case that goes completely the convention wisdom in the sense that voters usually know they are voting for, politicians are generally crooks that fail to comply with the public opinion; most of all he commits the biggest modern-day sin by promoting democratic pessimism. The general sense is that democracy outshines any form of government and when things
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Free market - zxsdYogi Patel 1/25/10 Market Fundamentalism...

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