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paper 4 - Yogi Patel Rough Draft 4 Jared Wriegly Slaves or...

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Yogi Patel 3/8/11 Rough Draft 4 Jared Wriegly Slaves or Votes America was founded on the basis that public has the ability to vote and control the shape of the government and how it decides foreign politics. But over time the public has grown very strong, to the point that it has the ability to control the how corporations function. It broke that barrier and went to the point that if the corporations don’t have the resources to support the public, they use the military to acquire the resources. Often times this happens because the public unites into one giant mass and vote unanimously. They lose their sense to be selfish and become unselfish and vote for the public, according to Caplan they vote irrationally. This irrational voting promotes officials that usually comply with the public because it was the public that put these officials into power in the first place. This cycle often leads to the military making harsh irrational decisions because the officials are forced to comply with the public even if they need to use military uses. However it is often times the common workers and the military that are usually servants of the public in the sense that the military is responsible for getting the good and the workers are responsible for producing the goods. This “master-servant” relationship is described by Greider, he describes how in the work-force there is a master-servant relationship, but this relationship is also seen as the military is forced to comply with the public. The “master-servant” relationship also creates a class division of the upper (voting) class and the working class that is less inclined to pay attention to politics. When the military goes to acquire these resources by force the effects are usually disastrous as Bacevich describes the Persian-Gulf crisis. The public gets very greedy and they use the military with disastrous effects. Overall, the workers and the military are often times slaves to the public
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and corporations; they are forced to listen to them because of the demands of the large irrational masses, which often lead to drastic effects. The public often times gets greedy and uses the military to do their grunt work; democracy is often times the scapegoat. But how does this happen? The sole idea of democracy is given up because the entire public becomes very greedy when this happens; the workers and the military are the ones that must comply to them especially. Bacevich even describes how America used to be a nation with high values and respect for religion and culture, but the notion of trade and money tore it apart. He describes this transition when he says “In a nation once proud of hard work among strong, religious families and close-
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