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SIV Reading Guide Exam 2 Part 1 B9 IPV Overview B8 Sexual Assault L6 (Koss and Cook) Barnett, Second, Chapter Nine, IPV Overview, Short 2.How much agreement is there about the definitions of terms like violence, abuse, and assault- There is no consensus about the precise meaning of these terms. 3.It is possible to place all acts of IPV on a continuum from mild to sever 4.For Adams, what in addition to violent assaults does battering include- fear, oppression, and control of the victims 5.What is common couple violence- relatively infrequent, noninjurious fighting.CCV is yelling or mild shoving associated with the inevitable conflicts that arise in intimate relationships 6.What are the acronyms, CCV- common couple violence , IT- intimate terrorism , NCVS- national crime victimization survey 7.What are the advantages to using the phrase, “intimate partner violence.” former and current; married and unmarried; current and former living together; heterosexual and same sex; gender neutral 8.Which researcher called attention to rape among intimate partners- Diane Russell 9.What is a significant predictor of femicide- stalking 10.The true amount of IPV is unknown 13.Diane Russell found that 14% of the women in her community sample were sexually assaulted by husbands or former husbands. 14.Brownridge and Halli found that IPV rates for cohabitors was consistently higher than among dating or married couples. Why might that be? The rationale was that cohabitors were almost indistinguishable from marrieds.Because data was flawed 15.Racism, xenophobia, classism, language barriers, cultural beliefs have combined to render IPV invisible in certain segments of the American Population. 18.Is IPV widespread and a concern for disabled women, rural women, and immigrant women- yes 19.Immigrants from developing countries have high rates, and male jealousy and educational disparities are contributing factors. 258 20.”Wife assault” is more likely to be permitted in societies where men control family economic resources, where conflicts are solved by means of physical force, and where women do not have an equal opportunity to divorce. 21.Is research from countries around the world consistent in finding that women are injured more seriously than men yes 24.What is the least likely but most feared outcome of domestic assault- homicide 25.When women kill, they most often kill often kill male intimates 26.Women are more likely to be killed by male intimates than men by their female partners by a factor of 8 to 1. 27.One estimate of the annual monetary cost of IPV in the US is $6 billion. 262
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3 - SIV Reading Guide Exam 2 Part 1 B9 IPV Overview B8...

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