4 - SIV Reading Guide Exam 2 Part 2 B10 Battered Women, IPV...

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SIV Reading Guide Exam 2 Part 2 B10 Battered Women, IPV Survivors L15 (Downs, Probs with the BWS) Barnett, Second Edition, Chapter 10, IPV Abused Partners, SHORT Dysphoria- generalized feeling of anxiety, restlessness accompanied by depression. learned helplessness- a condition in which subject does not attempt to escape from a painful or noxious situation after learning in a previous, similar situation that escape is possible. traumatic event- a circumstance in which an individual experiences, witnesses, or is confronted with an event or event that involve actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of the individual or others battered woman syndrome BWS- subcategory of PTSD consisting of a cluster of cognitions, feelings, and behaviors brought about the by the effect of trauma, learned helplessness and the cycle of violence that culminates in the victims belief that she can’t escape her abuser. ??2.Compared to abused children and elders, women are more likely to be blamed for violent behavior solely on perpetrators 3.Why? B/C: people are unwilling to place blame for violent behavior solely on the perpetrators. / b/c women are consenting adults responsible for own behavior/ women are to blame, they should of left, woman was emotionally disturbed or if she had counseling the beatings would stop. 4.How can CPS workers be part of the blaming process- when fathers are abusing children, CPS expects mothers to protect the child. CPS and the legal system may regard her as a csa offender when she is seen as failing to protect. Or they may often assume she must have known about the abuse. CPS needs to be more aware of the mother’s plight, e.g., the fact she may be being abused by the child-abusive male. Workers often think she can easily leave, but that is not borne out by the facts. 5.What is powerless responsibility- when society imposes on mothers the task of protecting children without giving women the means. Battered women can end up criminally responsible for abuse by men (men are not held responsible for failing to protect children in the same way). 6.What was the Lonell case-
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4 - SIV Reading Guide Exam 2 Part 2 B10 Battered Women, IPV...

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