7 - Ex4 Part 2 G5 (crime) AA: #27 (Shoplifters'...

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Ex4 Part 2 G5 (crime) AA: #27 (Shoplifters’ neutralizations); #42 (Ponzi) Goode Ninth, Chapter 5: Criminal Behavior 1.What were the motives behind medieval England’s vagrancy laws? To protect the interests of the powerful landowinging class by keeping peasants on the land, and in the latter era, to protect the growing merchant class by keeping rouges and idlers who might rob carriers of goods on the highways (96) 2.What type of crime generates the most concern and fear? (129) 4.(T/F) The public fears violence at the hands of an intimate more than by a stranger. (130) 5.According to 2004 crime data, what percentage of homicides were perpetrated by the victim’s family member, and by significant others? (130) 6.How complete is the overlap between deviance and crime? Deviance and crime intertwine in interesting and important ways. They overlap but imperfectly . (98-99) 7.What is the historical basis for the United States’ legal system? (99) 9.What is common law, and what was its foundation? A set of rules that defines acts as crimes that violate norms that have existed for thousands of years. It stems from ancient custom, tradition and precedent. (99) 10.Distinguish statutory law from common law Statutory laws began as statutes—they refer to crimes for which there are no roots in historical or cultural tradition . Common
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7 - Ex4 Part 2 G5 (crime) AA: #27 (Shoplifters'...

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