CHFD 3710 - Eligible for SSI Income & asset...

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CHFD 3710 Health promotion program had compromises to please various players Insurance companies Hospitals Physicians U.S. Healthcare system today Little interest in containing healthcare costs A profitable enterprise for: physicians, hospitals,insurance companies Medicare: part A[those who get Social Security checks] Care in hospital Care in nursing home after hospital stay Home healthcare(some) Hospice care Medicare: Part B(Voluntary Participation) Medicare plus choice Lowers costs Benefits: Doctors services Medical equipment Medicare: Part D(Description Drug Discount Card) Discount amount depends on person’s income & other insurance
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Has reduced some costs for older people Medicaid Began 1965 Serves low income Americans, all ages Eligibility
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Unformatted text preview: Eligible for SSI Income & asset limits different for each state 26% of Medicaid dollars go to older people The Cost of Care Since 1960,U.S. leads developed nations in health care spending Cost increase from 60s to 2000s[10.2% per decade] Costs expected to increase Why are costs so high? Government programs expanded Cover more costs for older people now Personal health costs Prescription drug coverage Cost of care has grown faster than growth of older population Cost of care & the older population Attempt to reform healthcare system 1994 & 95 Public Dissatisfaction Other wealthy western countries have more diagnostic Public Dissatisfaction: U.S.A. Cost of care is high Weak return on cost 33% of US population insured...
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CHFD 3710 - Eligible for SSI Income & asset...

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