ANTH sept 9 class notes

ANTH sept 9 class notes - Wednesday September 8 Article...

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Wednesday September 8 Article sent out on listserv last week: found evidence that stone tools were used about 800,000 years before we formerly thought. Evidence found in the strata of Australospithecus afarensis indicates stone tool use with cut marks on bones. Note: Information on articles sent out on the listserv is fair game for test and quiz material. Chapter Seven: Out of Africa: Homo erectus, Archaic Homo sapiens Pleistocene geological epoch: 2 million years ago – 10,000 before present (b. p.) o Early: 2 – 1 million years ago o Middle: 1 million years ago – 130,000 b. p. (ice ages begin—ice ages occurred multiple times) o Late: 130,000 – 10,000 b. p. (ice age ends with the Holocene geological epoch) Homo erectus: 1.7 million years ago – 300,000 b. p. o Could have developed out of Homo habilis, but it would have been over a short time span that was relative to other developments. o Punctuated equilibrium is evolution through a combination of biological and behavioral changes over shorter periods of time. These changes could have separated Homo erectus from other species. o Cranial changes: Larger brain/braincase Smaller post-canine teeth Larger incisors Thicker brow ridge
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Smaller jaw Slightly shorter face
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ANTH sept 9 class notes - Wednesday September 8 Article...

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