oct 12 class notes

oct 12 class notes - government in Eastern Europe west of...

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Tuesday October 12  We took quizzes on Hiroshima and talked about the answers to the quiz.  Basically, the United States had two main motives for dropping the atomic  bomb on Hiroshima: 1.  To win the war and establish power of Japan 2.  To prevent Russian expansion into Asia The United States dropped the bomb in Japan instead of peacefully  demonstrating the power of the bomb because they weren’t completely sure  what the effects of the bomb would be. Also, dropping the bomb would be  much more effective in establishing the United States’ power.  In 1946, Winston Churchill made his “iron curtain” speech in reference to the  territorial boundaries between Western Europe and the Soviet puppet 
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Unformatted text preview: government in Eastern Europe west of Asia. 1947 – “Greek crisis”: Russia was trying to invade Greece and Turkey, so in 1947, President Truman announced his Truman Doctrine, which said that the United States would help any nation resist subjugation by armed minorities, which really meant Communists. 1948 - Secretary Of State George C. Marshall develops his Marshall Plan, which was a European recovery plan that gave European countries the chance to receive aid from the United States to rebuild and restore their countries. This was to prevent Communism from spreading to vulnerable rebuilding areas....
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oct 12 class notes - government in Eastern Europe west of...

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