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Unformatted text preview: FIRE FIRE Structural Fires and Wildfires Wildfire in San Bernadino, CA Wildfire in San Bernadino, CA 11/07/2003 Wildfire in San Bernadino, CA Wildfire in San Bernadino, CA 11/07/2003 Links Links Earthquake Flood Industrial accidents Drought Use of remote sensing – drought, vegetation, wind, etc. Wildfire Wildfire Urban­woodland interface issues Fire suppression policy issues – natural burns versus suppression – Yellowstone fire Firewise program – Metal mesh barriers for chimneys, attics, etc. Noncombustible building materials Fire resistant landscaping Forest fires Crown fires Brush fires Grass fires Wildfire Suppression Wildfire Suppression National Interagency Coordination Center Crews – hotshots, smoke jumpers, aviation 68 federally funded Hotshot teams – up to 21 days on the line before rotating off Prescribed burns Suppression policies Yellowstone fire in 1988 Storm King Mountain disaster in 1994 – 14 killed Cerre Grande prescribed burn disaster in 2000 Incident Command Systems (ICS) Incident Command Systems (ICS) Firescope program in early 1970s – origin of ICS FEMA program in early 1970s – second origin Incident commander Staff (liaison, public affairs, safety officers) Sections (planning, operations, logistics, and finance/administration) Software Equipment – from color­coded vests to communications gear The Oakland Hills Fire The Oakland Hills Fire Access issues – narrow, winding streets Hose connectivity issues Vegetation issues – heavy vegetation Sheltering issues – rich versus poor Insurance issues – reimbursement formulae and exotic homes Rebuilding issues – new standards, e.g., setbacks View management issues Firewise Program Firewise Program Nonflammable roof and siding materials Less flammable landscaping – cut grass or rock No trees or bushes next to home Sprinklers Vents Structural Fires Structural Fires Historic city fires – New York in 1835, Chicago in 1871, Boston in 1872, and San Francisco in 1906 Winecoff Hotel Fire in Atlanta in 1946 – 119 killed – hotel did not have fire escapes MGM Grand fire in Las Vegas in 1980 – 84 killed – issue of flammable materials High­rise fire issues Laws now require fire escapes, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and fire alarms and regulate building standards and materials, exits, maximum capacities, building uses, etc. ...
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