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Rachel Kutner Response Paper 3 05:300:200:08 9/27/10 What purposes have schools served in US society? Are they institutions for promoting democratic culture? Schools in America have been used to formally educate youth, in order to prepare them for society and develop as individuals. A formal education is the foundation for civilized and well rounded people in the world today. However, the schools have had some negative implications as an institution. More and more, schools today use extrinsic motivation to prompt learning, opposed to a natural interest and desire to learn. For example, schools have set up a system where grades, rewards, and prizes are the motivation for learning, opposed to innate desires. Additionally, students become more infatuated with getting tasks done in order to receive a prize, rather than to learn new material and progress. Promoting democratic culture is also a concern that American schools face. There is without a doubt superiority and inferiority in the school system today. The consequence of this is
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response_paper_3_Rachel_Kutner[1] - Rachel Kutner Response...

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