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Spring 2011 A. Course: 960:285 :01, Statistics for Business- Section 01 B. Prerequisites: 01:640:115 or equivalent. Credit not given for more than one of 01:960:201, 211, 285, and 401. C. Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursdays 2:50-4:10 PM D. Location : Vorhees Hall 105 E. Course Description: Topics include descriptive statistics, probability theory, random variables, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, and one- and two-sample t-tests. F. Relationship to SAS Learning Objectives: • Goal x ( Apply effective and efficient mathematical or other formal processes to reason and to solve problems .) • Goal w (Formulate, evaluate, and communicate conclusions and inferences from quantitative information) G1. Instructor: Sheila M. Lawrence, Ph.D. G2. Email ID : Due to the potential for viruses, only PDF files (saved as Office 2003) can be attached H. Phone : 973-596-6425 - Please call between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M.; please follow up with an e-mail message. I. Office Hours : Tuesday prior to class (by appointment) or after class J. Text : McClave, Benson and Sincich, Statistics for Business and Economics , 11e, Pearson/Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2011, ISBN-13: 9780321640116 K. Attendance : Attendance is of critical importance since the discipline of statistics is cumulative. It is essential to keep up with the class material. Attendance will not be taken in each class. However, the lecture/discussion covers materials that are not directly available in the assigned readings. Students will be responsible for such material. No guests are permitted in the class. L. Required: Copies of the text’s tables in Appendix B and a calculator need to be brought to every class. A calculator that performs basic operations (e.g., arithmetic and square root operations) is necessary for homework assignments, class exercises, and exams. Statistical software complements the course. Reading assignments must be completed prior to each lecture. Communication Devices: No electronic devices (cell phones, palm pilots, beepers, pagers, recording devices, etc.) are permitted during class. M. Grading: Attendance at Examinations : Required. There are no makeup exams . If there is a valid and compelling conflict (to be substantiated) for any exam, then the student needs to notify the professor in writing within the first two weeks of the semester. Students with legitimate scheduling conflicts (e.g., “Away” sports competitions) or verifiable illness or court appearances must notify the professor before any exam. Only a doctor’s note will be acceptable for a missed exam due to illness. Exam Parameters : Students may bring the textbook and one page of notes (8.5x11, both sides). Please bring your student ID.
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Syllabus+Stat+285-01-Spring+2011B-1 - Syllabus Stat 285...

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