Rubric - Adding Data Analysis to Excel 2007

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9d2626b741e69bc1be1c4ee0d35fec0043c2e311.xls Adding Data Analysis to Excel 2007 - Click on the Microsoft icon on the top left hand corner - From the drop down box, click on the bottom right hand corner on the button called <Excel Options> - On the Left Hand side- Click on <Add-Ins> - Then under ?Inactive Application Add-Ins? click on <Analysis ToolPak- VBA> and then the button that says <Go?>
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9d2626b741e69bc1be1c4ee0d35fec0043c2e311.xls 03/23/2011 Sheet 1 of 5 Note: Sheet 3 includes directions for Excel 2007. Personal TQM (Total Quality Management) Checklist - Evaluation Paper Note: Please feel free to share your preliminary results with the professor. A. TQM Personal Checklist Table 1 - Raw Data Defect Category Defect #1 Defect #2 Defect # 7 Total Day #1 Day #2 Day 14 Total Table 2 - Summary Data (Illustration) Error Category Frequency* Baggage Delay 23 0.46 23 0.46 e.g., Relative Frequency = 23/50 = .46, etc. Poor Cabin Service 14 0.28 37 0.74 e.g., Cumulative Frequency = 23+14 = 37, etc. Missed Connection 7 0.14 44 0.88 e.g., Relative Cumulative Frequency = .46+.28+.14 = .88, etc. Lost Baggage 4 0.08 48 0.96 grav (`) control Ticketing Error 2 0.04 50 1.00 Total 50 1.00 * Remember to sort high to low ** Your study should have 7 categories. Table 3 - Input Data to Excel (Illustration)** Error Category Frequency Baggage Delay 23 0.46 Poor Cabin Service 14 0.74 Missed Connection 7 0.88 Lost Baggage 4 0.96 Ticketing Error 2 1.00 ** Note that Total is excluded. Pareto Chart (Illustration) Choose one of the two following options: (1) Create your own personal checklist, containing your top 7 defects (opportunities for improvement). (2) Choose a theme (Time Management, Healthy Living, etc.). These must be from a process that you do at least once a day and be phrased as "Failure to . ..". Monitor yourself for 2 weeks (or 14 weekdays), keeping track, day-by-day, of the number of times you are defective for each of your defect categories. A defect is defined as a "failure to" and would score = 1. A success would be = 0. For example, failure to get up on time, failure to exercise, etc. Table 1 illustrates the data collection format. For Winter Session, 1 week is sufficient. For 250, $ will be tracked. Note: If privacy is a concern, please label them as Items #1, #2, etc. Note: Steps are directional for Apples and Excel 2007. Sheet 3 gives steps for Excel 2007 Note: Feel free to start on any day of the week. Relative
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Rubric - Adding Data Analysis to Excel 2007

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