Gregorian Chant Notes

Gregorian Chant Notes - Guido D’Arezzo Came up with a way...

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Gregorian Chant (plainchant is slightly different term) monodic (all chants) melody only liturgical-prescribed format of worship Liturgy divides into mass and the offices Offices: Matins/Lauds (devo service) Prime, Terce, Sext, Nones, Vespers/Compline Matins is the beginning of the day and Vespers is the end of the the others are in between Mass: Ordinary and the Proper Ordinary are the same every time Proper change depending on the calendar 5 movements of the Mass ordinary are: Kyrie not in latin but greek Gloria Credo These are an exam question Sanctus Agnus Dei (Ite Missa est) Graduale --- Liber usualis (where the music is at) The western system of music notation was not for comp but for remembering what was written. Pope Gregory I an II 590-604 I Gregorian chant is scared music it brings us closer to Christ 4-line staff c was the central pitch
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Unformatted text preview: Guido D’Arezzo- Came up with a way of remembering the chants by using his hand Neumes is the system of notation no system of notation rhythm Different was to classify chant: Text: liturgical/ non, Biblical/non, poetic/non poetic could be pslysm and proverbs Melodic style: solo, choral , antiphonal, responsorial antiphonal two groups responsorial group and soloist Syllabic, neumatic, melismatic melismatic is many notes on a syllable syllabic is one neumatic is somewhere in the middle Mode: Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian Dorian is d to d on the white keys Phrygian e2e Lydian f2f mix g2g B flat was the only accidentel in chant Last note most important it tells the mode reciteing tone is the 2 nd most important note it repeats a lot. You can’t change the chant it is scripture...
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Gregorian Chant Notes - Guido D’Arezzo Came up with a way...

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