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fall 08 350 syl


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INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Sociology/Psychology 350, fall semester, 2008 Instructor : Cardell Jacobson Office: 2023 JFSB Office Hrs: 1:30-3:30 MWF Other times by appointment Phone: 422-2105 TA : Swati Sharma Office: 385 SWKT Office Hrs: 9-10 and 10-11 M/W Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Welcome to the marvelous world of social psychology. In this course we examine the social influences upon the individual. These are varied and pervasive, and we cannot examine them all. We will be concerned primarily with interpersonal influences, group influences, and more general influences such as the mass media. In addition, we will examine some of the internal processes used to resolve the conflicting influences. These are presented well in the texts, though I will also bring in additional material. The University has developed learning outcomes (objectives) for each program within the university. Those for sociology and psychology are listed at the following websites: https://learningoutcomes.byu.edu/wiki/index.php/Sociology_BS https://learningoutcomes.byu.edu/wiki/index.php/Psychology_BS The primary objectives that pertain to this course (as I view them) are that students will: 1. become conversant with the substantive area of social psychology. (The primary text does a very good job of this.) 2. become conversant with the theories and research methods used by the two parent disciplines as they pertain to social psychology. (Though the text discusses the numerous substantive theories as well as the methods we used to collect the data that bear on the theories, I will spend some time on this as well.) 3. know the major explanations and debates in the substantive areas of social psychology. 4. articulate how the life experience of others may differ from one’s own, and know how individuals from different race, class and sexes experience life differently. 5. (one not listed specifically on the website) improve your analytical and writing skills. As the instructor I hope to expose you to each of these areas. Certainly I hope that at the end of the course you will better understand your own and others’ behavior, and that you will view human behavior through a different set of lenses than you have before—those of the social scientist. In the first two weeks I will attempt to do four things: 1. present a little of the history of social psychology 2. introduce you to the content of the course 3. discuss the theoretical and methodological issues in social psychology 3. expose you to more of the sociological side of social psychology (since the Myers text is written primarily from the psychology side of social psychology). In the remainder of the course we will examine specific topics and issues in the field of social psychology.
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TEXTBOOKS: David G. Myers, Social Psychology , 9 th Edition, 2008.
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