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Assignment 4 - Dalsania Akash Daniel Assignment#4...

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Dalsania, Akash Daniel Assignment #4: Consultants Report 12/13/10 [email protected] Akash Dalsania’s Consulting Company New Brunswick NJ December 13, 2010 Mrs. R. K. Hill Mountainside industries 92 Davidson Rd. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Dear Mrs. R. K. Hill, Enclosed is our report on your company’s employee management. If you need any part of this report explained to you more thoroughly contact us. Yours truly, Akash Dalsania enclosure
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ENFORCING STRICT POLICIES ON EMPLOYEE BEHAVIOR Mountainside Industries has to tighten up on already existing policies as well as implement new policies if they wish to achieve future success. The industry will have to put into affect fines for employees that fail to report a sale and Promote four individuals in each of the divisions to constantly look over the sales. EMPLOYEES WHO FAIL TO REPORT THEIR SALES SHOULD BE FINED Employees who fail to report sales over one thousand dollars and are caught red handed should be penalized for their actions.
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