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Research paper - Dalsania, Akash Daniel Assignment #3-...

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Dalsania, Akash Daniel Assignment #3- Research Paper 11/10/10 To: Mr. Daniels Date: 11/10/10 From: Akash Dalsania Subject: How does the Company Monsato work and what are the positive and negative values it consists of Monsanto took all the right steps for financial success to start its business but eventually its inability to think long term led to its own downfall. Monsanto invented a product and took all the rights steps in marketing it and managing its business. But because of its short term thinking its products demand depreciated quickly. Monsanto was a food and chemical company which was started in 1901 but from its new research on crops in 1981the company became inherently popular. Monsanto started its business flawlessly and marketed its product effectively. Monsanto’s idea was ingenious and became a hit right as it entered the market. This company became successful because it researched and developed immensely. The main focus of this company became conventional breeding and genetic engineering. It sold seeds that had been genetically engineered to grow faster and more efficiently and the thought was that by marketing these seeds farmers would be able to produce more and sell crops for less. This in turn would lower the cost of food all around the world. With this idea the company soon became so big that huge companies like Goldman Sachs
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Research paper - Dalsania, Akash Daniel Assignment #3-...

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