Exam 2 Topics - C hapter 8: Climatic and Climate Change...

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Chapter 8: Climatic and Climate Change Climatic Classification The purpose of climate classification, the principles of the Koppen climate classification system (no need to memorize letter codes) Climographs World Distribution of Major Climatic Types and Subtypes No need to memorize Koppen letter codes, but make sure you know the characteristics and differences between the different climate types (e.g. Tropical Humid tropic climates etc.) Global Climate Change Determining Climates of the Past Dendrochronology Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Oceanic Sediments Coral Reefs Ice Cores Pollen Analysis Causes of Long-Term Climate Change Atmospheric Aerosols Fluctuations in Solar Output Variations in Earth–Sun Relations Greenhouse Gases Concentration Feedback Mechanisms The Roles of the Ocean Climate Models Evidence of Current Global Warming Consequences of Global Warming Addressing Global Warming The Kyoto Protocol Newly Industrialized Countries Mitigating and Adapting
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The Hydrologic Cycle Surface-to-Air Water Movement Air-to-Surface Water Movement Movement on and Beneath Earth’s Surface Residence Times Tides Causes of Tides Monthly Tidal Cycle Deep Ocean Circulation Permanent Ice—The Cryosphere Permafrost Surface Waters Lakes Human Alteration of Natural Lakes Reservoirs Swamps and Marshes Rivers and Streams Underground Water Zone of Aeration Zone of Saturation Zone of Confined Water
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Exam 2 Topics - C hapter 8: Climatic and Climate Change...

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