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Akash Dalsania Conard Expos 101:FG 1 October 2010 First and Last Sentence of each paragraph The environment a person has faced in the past or is currently in immensely effects his actions. Just like our surroundings make us change our actions and views, people around us also do the same thing. Friends, family, and other people that a person is associated with play a huge role in that person’s life. As much as a person can affect another person the state of mind a person is in also carries him/her through his actions. The mood and how a person is feeling have a lot to do with his/her present actions. The state of mind idea also coincides with the idea that negative occurrences idea of generating
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Unformatted text preview: people’s actions. Negative incidents in people’s lives often cause people to those situations and convert them into the faults of others. Although negative instances cause changes in human behavior missing an event causes even a bigger alteration. The idea of regret in the future causes many people to act instead of staying in the position they are already in. This idea causes people to change what they’re currently doing and switch to something else to try it out; even if they are not a hundred percent sure it is better....
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