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Thesis: the atmosphere Shapes and forms Human nature. Supportive arguments: 1. If little crimes are apparent and they are not fixed people in that area are more prone to do crimes and to do even more severe ones. 2. Repetitive actions that go on in the atmosphere are contagious. If an abundant amount of people start creating crimes than other people around that area will also start creating crimes. (such as crime) 3. If the smallest crimes are removed from a place and the environment in a certain
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Unformatted text preview: place is better than the people in that place will be affected. The human nature of those people will change and people will generate fewer crimes. 4. Most Crimes occur only because of the atmosphere around people and not because of mental instability. 5. The situation a person is in affects that person immensely and forces he/she too act in ways that he/she would normally not act in....
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