Misuse and errors

Misuse and errors - Dalsania 1 Akash Dalsania Conard FG:101...

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Dalsania 1 Akash Dalsania Conard FG:101 22 November 2010 Misuse and errors 1. My friends constantly affect me to go out with them so I finally said yes and joined them. 2. The effect of the fire was that almost all of the forest was knocked down and many animals had no where to live. 3. It’s so nice outside today that I can go out without a jacket on. 4. The dog tried to run but its collar prevented it from doing so. 5. Who is responsible for your lost homework? 6. To whom was this letter written to? 7. I had to lay the television control on the table so that I could help my dad fix the computer. 8. Tim O’Brien and his fellow soldiers had to lie down to no be seen by their enemies. 9. They’re so silly for wearing clown costumes to school today for the senior prank. 10. When my friend told me he had seen my lost phone in my dorm room I quickly checked and thankfully it was there . 11. The basketball we were playing with was not ours so therefore it must have been theirs . 12. The pool at the YMCA was much deeper than the pool I has swam in at my friends house. 13. To explore the wilderness you must have the essential items such as a phone, a rifle, and enough food, and then you may proceed. 14. “Into the Wild” by Krakauer is written so well that
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Misuse and errors - Dalsania 1 Akash Dalsania Conard FG:101...

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