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Event managment solution

Event managment solution - Once again let me state that she...

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Akash Dalsania Reaves 20 October 2010 Event management solution Crissy Gershey was a chef at a pretty well known restaurant and did catering work and now is a director of marketing. To conduct and set up the hundreds of cooking events that she set up, she used technology from Everbrite. Crissy took advantage of the free technology and frequently called customer service to help set up her site. With the amount of complications in her business setting the site up wasn’t easy but Crissy asked and called about every little thing. One of the hardest tasks in running a business is social networking. But with Everbrite Crissy was able to connect her events to Facebook, Twitter, and believe it or not, even Google. While many business have trouble keeping track of customers and sending out emails etc. Crissy was able to send out bulk emails automatically, manage payments, maintain a “wait list” if a product was sold out, and even print badges and have an attendee list.
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Unformatted text preview: Once again let me state that she did all of this for absolutely no cost. To advertise excessively Crissy manually put her advertises up on different sites but she did this only to track which sites brought the most visitors. Then once Everbrite did its job she focused only on the sites that had the most traffic. One thing Everbrite does charge for though is payments through credit cards but Crissy even set that up so that the costs faced for using a credit card were added onto the customer who was using a credit card to buy one of her items. Costs faced by many businesses that add up to over hundreds of dollars are done by no one for no cost for Crissy’s company Marks, Gene. "Cooking Up An Event Management Solution - Forbes.com." Forbes.com - Business News, Financial News, Stock Market Analysis, Technology & Global Headline News . 19 Sept. 2010. Web. 20 Oct. 2010. <http://www.forbes.com/2010/10/19/event-management-website-technology-eventbrite.html>. ....
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