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Akash Dalsania Reaves 23 November 2010 Focus to Friend Groups Arguing that focus groups have never really been effective many firms are switching from focus groups to friend groups. The idea behind this is that people are more comfortable working in a social experimental environmental research group. Not only does this idea relieve stress but also helps companies work much more efficiently. The article talks about the conventional groups in which the people spent hours and hours talking about different ideas of which very few are useful. So in this case if you have a friendly social setting in which people can have there laptops and get other work done, or talk and eat then the same work will be accomplished but it will be more enjoyable for
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Unformatted text preview: the workers. In addition to friend groups companies are also finding conflict groups important also. Conflict groups include a group of people in which there are people totally for an idea and people totally against it in equal numbers. This group then talks about that idea and many different solutions form. Recent groups like Facebook and twitter along with other online social groups have challenged the ways of traditional focus groups. Wong, Elaine. "From Focus Groups to “Friend” Groups - Elaine Wong - Media Geek - Forbes." Forbes . 19 Nov. 2010. Web. 23 Nov. 2010. <>....
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