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How Korean Tensions can Hurt Technology

How Korean Tensions can Hurt Technology - prices for the...

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Akash Dalsnia Reaves 1 December 2010 How Korean tensions can hurt technology Supply Chain management has been a relatively new field that is gaining popularity. South Korea has been one of the countries that have used this idea effectively in their companies, which include Samsung and LG. These corporations export many electronic items such as semiconductors for Apple Ipod’s, items that increase memory, and a huge amount of other smaller computer components. The key factor in their success their accuracy in monitoring the supple and demand of the market. This has been considered to be one of the main factors in supply management. If the companies know exactly how much is demanded in the market and know exactly how much to produce then the companies will never have an excess of a product. Many firms often buy more than enough supplies to make sure they do not run out but then end up lowering the
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Unformatted text preview: prices for the excess products that no one wants to by anymore. But with this in mind critics recently have realized that efficient chain management can also have a great risk. If there is a minor mistake in measuring the demand then the firm can easily have a shortage of products which would hurt not only the company but consumers also. One small mistake could cause a shortage on almost all of the little computer components that we use today that are necessary in today’s world. A balanced supply chain has brought many firms forward but it also requires the dedication to keep it balanced and keep the information accurate at all times. Sperling, Ed. "How Korean Tensions Can Hurt Tech - Ed Sperling - Tech Talk - Forbes." Forbes . N.p., 29 Nov. 2010. Web. 01 Dec. 2010. <http://blogs.forbes.com/edsperling/2010/11/29/how-korean-tensions-can-hurt-tech/>....
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How Korean Tensions can Hurt Technology - prices for the...

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