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Akash Dalsania Bielecki Writing for Business and Professions 6 p’s 31 January 2011 6 p’s Article assignment Problem: Ford’s recall in 1996 for repair of a faulty ignition that potentially causes a fire in the steering column. The patron would like too know that they will eventually get they’re money back. Patron: The patron for this product could be banks that would lend money to ford to fix the ignition. The banks would fund the project for interest. Population: The population would include anyone who owns a Ford vehicle at the time of the recall. The population would not have the sane interest as the patron because they want their vehicle fixed while the banks just want to make money.
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Unformatted text preview: Paradigm: Ford would have to find scientists that could help find the problem and fix it. They would also have to spend money for the scientists and whatever research is necessary for the scientists to do. Plan: Ford would need to plan out how they want to recall the cans and how long it will take them to fix them and when they will take them to fix them and when they will send them back to the customers. Price: The budget might be limited because although Ford is a huge company they will eventually run out of money because this problem will slow there business down and also the problem will take billions of dollars to fix....
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