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Dalsania 1 Akash Dalsania Rutgers Universty 23417 BPO way Piscataway NJ, 08854 21 March 2011 Deb Stevenson Budget Director New Jersey Department of Transportation David J. Goldberg Transportation complex 1035 Parkway Avenue Trenton NJ 08625 RE: Proposal for parking problem at Rutgers University, New Brunswick Dear Deb Stevenson, The State of New Jersey faces many concerns that you, as the budget director face everyday. I am sure that all kinds of different traffic problems are reported everyday to you but I am purposing a problem that pertains to more than half of the state and the New Jersey Department of Transportation as a whole. This problem does not only effect traffic but also delays on jobs and also prevents students to not achieve their full potential in college. I assure you that if a solution to this problem is establish it will effect everybody in the State of New Jersey in a positive way. The Problem New Brunswick/Piscataway is a lively place both during the day and night. In the morning students rush to classes and employees pass by to make it to there morning shifts. During the day classes continue and the area floods with people looking for a lunch meal. At night students go out to the college avenue area with there friends to eat and have a good time. The City even is packed on breaks and weekends. With the amount of population traffic that is seen in New Brunswick the amount of parking spaces, decks, and lots do not equal out. There are students and people constantly looking for parking and hundreds of parking tickets are handed out everyday. “The tickets range anywhere from a minimum of $20 up to $300” (Parking Tickets). Students who are already stressed about college and their financial situation are faced by even more stress because of parking and the fines that they have due. Not only does that add to the stress, but then after getting the tickets students have to find a place to get the money. Many students often do not have credit cards given to them by their parents or do not have time to drive to the department of public safety and take away time from their busy schedules. Even though there is a bus system available, the busses have many stops and also slow down past a certain time at night and during weekends. The parking system at Rutgers is shaped in such a way that students can not get around the campus efficiently. They are forced to waste so much time traveling. During a normal day a student at Rutgers wastes about maybe two
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Dalsania 2 to three hours getting to their classes. What if this time was instead dedicated to education and studying? The Problem deals mainly with the Students at Rutgers New Brunswick but the problem also braches out to the employees that work on campus and around the campus and also the Rutgers University staff and faculty. Faculty and Staff often have parking spots that are way farther than where they are to teach/work their shifts. As a personal experience I have even seen many professors walk far distances to get to their vehicle.
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Midterm - Dalsania 1 Akash Dalsania Rutgers Universty 23417...

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