White Paper Assignment along with annotated bibliography

White Paper Assignment along with annotated bibliography -...

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Dalsania 1 James A. Simson- Deputy Commissioner 609-530-4314 Ask for Deb Stevenson Akash Dalsania Bielecki Writing For Business and Professions 3 March 2011 White Paper Assignment Problem: Parking is a hassle in crowded areas where there is constantly a lot of activity. Rutgers University is a lively place both during the day and night. Students often go out to eat and have classes on different campuses. Rutgers University at New Brunswick is a very busy and energetic college campus with too few parking areas. With this problem there are also other issues that branch off. Because of the lack of parking areas students are ticketed and prohibited from parking in many lots. Also students that really need cars on campus are sometimes not able to afford the parking permit along with the tickets that many people get even after having the permit. Patron: Funding for this project will come out of the universities account. Rutgers University can cut funding in other departments that are being excessively funded and move some of that money here. Also since Rutgers is a state university it can also get some help from the state of New Jersey itself. The state will agree to the project because the scope of the problem does not just stay in the realm of the university but also applies to the city of New Brunswick which then directly becomes a state issue. Another source of funding can still come from the students with parking permits themselves. Population: This project will be directed towards all individuals who will be associated with Rutgers at New Brunswick. More specifically this project will target people that have cars on campus or want cars on campus. This project will effect all Rutgers New Brunswick students because more parking will change the campus in many ways. Also the traffic flow will change on campus. A solution to this problem will also cause more cars on campus to be apparent which means that even if one does not have a car on campus, he/she will be more prone to finding a ride. Paradigm:
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White Paper Assignment along with annotated bibliography -...

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