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Temple University Department of Dance “Shall We Dance: Dance as Narrative in American Film” (3 credits) General Education Course- Fulfills Arts Requirement Course # 0831 ; CRN : 061604; Section 005 Spring 2011, T/Th 12:30pm – 2:00pm, Location: Tuttleman 107 (Main Campus) Instructor: Maritza M. Ogarro Dance Department Office: 1700 N. Broad Street, 3 rd Floor, Room 309 **Office: Main Campus, Pearson Hall (Montgomery & N. Broad St.), Room 216 (Enter through McGonigle Hall) Office Hours: Tuesdays – 11:00am – 12:00pm & By appointment Phone Number: (215) 204-5624/(215) 204-8741 Email: [email protected] ** Note regarding emails**: Email me Mon.-Fri (6am-10pm), Sat. (6am – 12pm) Please address me formally. (e.g. “Dear Maritza…”) Please place “ SWD – 005 ” in subject line. ***NOTE: SYLLABUS AND COURSE OUTLINE SUBJECT TO CHANGE*** Course Description: “Shall We Dance?” is a course that uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the role dance plays/has played in informing and acknowledging social trends in the twentieth century. Connections are made between dance and immigration, industry, politics, fashion, social change, class and gender, nationalism and war. We will look at the role of dance in popular culture because dance is a ubiquitous activity that permeates and symbolizes all aspects of American life and culture. Dance perpetuates and challenges social and cultural issues of power, class, gender, sexual orientation, and age, and acts as a mirror to society. Areas to be covered include popular perceptions of dance, dance in Hollywood, and dance as a reflection of social change: political and economic, dance as social ritual, dance and contemporary notions of the “Impossible Body”. The students will be tested on class lectures, discussions, film viewing, and reading assignments. Course Goals: · To learn, appreciate and understand the progression of the use of dance in film from historical, social, aesthetic and cultural viewpoints. · To discuss, analyze and evaluate developments and trends in dance in selected historical periods. · To learn how dance operates as text and narrative in film. · To recognize and analyze the artistic and aesthetic function of dance in furthering the film’s landscape.
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Required Readings/Expenses Reading Assignments: Students must purchase a “Shall We Dance?” Course Packet ($47.00) Available at Ritter Hall, Room 234, phone # 215-204-1543 Hours 8 AM-8 PM Mon-Thurs, 8 AM-4:30 PM Fri. Film Screenings: Students must sign up for Netflix, Blockbuster or other service to obtain films. Students must watch films in their entirety prior to the class discussions about that film. Films are also available in the library on course reserve at Media Services. Please note: there are a VERY limited number of films available in the library on course reserve.
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