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Gen Chem II - Study Guide Exam II - SP10 - CHEMISTRY 1032...

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CHEMISTRY 1032– INFORMATION FOR EXAM II Exam II will cover the material I lectured on from chapters 13 and some of 14. There will be a variety of different type of problems – multiple choice, true-false, fill in the blank, brief explanations, ordering, and numerical problems. Some questions will taken directly from (or will be very similar to) examples and problems in the textbook, the MasteringChemistry homework, and the ones I did in class. You will be given a periodic table and a few equations and constants (see below). The following study guide and suggested problems should help you prepare for the exam. Chapter 13 Section 13.2 : You should understand what is meant by the rate of a reaction. Know how rates of decomposition of a reactant are related rate of formation of a product using the coefficients in the balanced equation (equation 13.5). Know how rates are determined from plots of concentration vs. time. Remember that for a reactant A, rate = – [A]/ t, with units of M/s (or M/min or M/hr). Know how initial rates (rate at t = 0) are usually measured, instantaneous rates, and average rates. Try Example (and For Practice) 13.1; Problems (at end of chapter): 1 – 8. Note that you will not be required to plot a graph in the exam, but you may have to determine the slope of a line. Section 13.3 : Rate Laws (Expressions) are written as: Rate = k [A] m [B] n [C] p where k = rate constant (units vary depending on values of m, n, p), [A], [B], [C] are concentrations of reactants, m, n, p, are orders for each reactant, usually have values 0, 1, 2 (3 and fractions rare), m + n + p = overall order. Using a set of experimental data, be able to determine the orders and k (with units). Try Example (and For Practice) 13.2; Problems: 9 – 18. Section 13.4
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Gen Chem II - Study Guide Exam II - SP10 - CHEMISTRY 1032...

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