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ED 4111 Transition Reflection Paper 40 Points Answer the following questions with a 4 to 5 page reflection paper. Make sure to refer to the Transition Journal Rubric prior to writing your journal. If you are a Secondary Education Major focus on how you can help students to transition from Middle School to High School. If you are a Middle Years Education Major , focus your paper on the dual role that you will need to fulfill (helping to transition Elementary Students into the Middle School environment and helping Middle School students to transition into High School). There are a variety of readings posted in the WEEK 10 Folder that can assist you in thinking about the transition process. What are some of the concerns and fears students may have during this transition period? How do the developmental needs and growth of adolescents impact the transition process? What kinds of social-emotional skills do you think would help students make an effective transition
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Unformatted text preview: between grades? What changes can students expect in terms of discipline and classroom management guidelines as they move from one school to another? How can the steps of Guided Discipline be used to promote a smooth transition process? How could Peer Mediation programs possibly help the transition process? How could restorative justice programs help the transition process? Bullying is a concern in all grades but students are particularly concerned and perhaps more vulnerable to being bullied as they enter a new school. What steps should schools take to address bullying concerns during transitions? Describe 2 specific actions/steps you can take as an individual classroom teacher to help students transition to or from MS/HS. Describe 2 school-wide programs or procedures that can be helpful for students transitioning in to Middle School or High School....
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