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EDU 4111 – CLASSROOM and CONFLICT MANAGEMENT SPRING 2011 SYLLABUS COURSE INSTRUCTORS Prof. Cynthia Belliveau, Ph.D. Course Supervisor Section 101 – T 5:00 – 7:30 (Ambler) Ritter Annex 237/Widener Hall Faculty Offices Office Tel/fax: 215-204-4397/6013 Cell: 610-322-8434 [email protected] Office Hours: After class or by appointment Lynnette Mawhinney, Ph.D. (Section Instructor) Section 4 – R 5:30 – 8:00 Ritter Annex 240 Office Tel: 609-771-2964 [email protected] Office hours by appointment Nate Terrell, LCSW (Section Instructor) Section 1 – TR 2:00 – 3:30 Section 3 – W 5:30 – 8:00 Ritter Annex 240 215-204-4363 (o) 215-204-6013 (fax) Other phone numbers: 856-223-0606 or 609-313-0792 [email protected] Office hours by appointment Lisagail Zeitlin, M.Ed. (Section Instructor) Section 2 – T 5:30 – 8:00 Ritter Annex 240 215-204-4363 (o) 215-204-6013 (fax) 610 -639-5972 (cell) [email protected] Office hours by appointment Course Description One of the National Education Goals is the creation of safe and constructive learning environments. Educators are increasingly aware of the need to build community in classrooms and schools in order to help students have such environments. A key component of that is conflict resolution education. This course introduces students to the broad field of conflict resolution education (including classroom management, social and emotional learning, anti-bullying programs, peer mediation, negotiation processes, expressive arts, restorative justice programs, and bias/diversity/cultural awareness programs). EDU 4111 provides students with examples of programs, gives them an opportunity to interact with experts in the field, and encourages them to consider how they can support and utilize these programs as teachers and administrators. Particular emphasis will be placed 1
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on understanding how to design and implement conflict resolution and social emotional learning programs that address the developmental needs of adolescents. The AOD 4111 course is developed in conjunction with the CRETE Project (Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education) funded by the USDE and several private foundations. In addition, the course information is supported by materials on Conflict Resolution Education available on the grant-supported independent clearinghouse web site ( ). Course Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the skills and knowledge to: 1. Create a constructive and safe learning environment in their classroom. 2. Enhance student’s social and emotional development. 3. Create and maintain supportive learning environments that promote the healthy development of young adolescents. 4.
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EDU_4111_SPRING_2011_SYLLABUS__r2(1) - EDU 4111 CLASSROOM...

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