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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CONVENTIONAL LESSON PLAN FORMAT Teacher_____________________________ Subject__________________ Date_________ Time__________ Topic______________ I. OBJECTIVE (What do you want the students to be able to do when the lesson is completed?) See class handouts for additional information. II. MATERIALS (Include name and page number(s) of textbook, workbook; list special supplies; teacher-made visual aids or manipulatives; equipment; etc.) III. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF THE LESSON Example: Small group lesson Lesson carried out at a small table in back of room The rest of the class are at centers working. IV. MOTIVATION (Establish anticipatory set)
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Unformatted text preview: V. PROCEDURES Write a step by- step detailed outline. VI. SUMMARY/CLOSURE Discuss and observe the outcome of the task with the children. a) What was the class learning about? b) What did you do first, next, etc.? VII. ASSIGNMENT (in school or homework) VIII. METHODS OF EVALUATION (How will you know if youve met your objective?) a) Assess, through observation, student performance. b) Evaluate teacher planning and performance.-Did children learn?-Did children enjoy?-How good was my presentation?-How good were my materials?-Were the provisions for individual differences of interest and ability? How good were my methods?...
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